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Blazin100.com First Filipino-owned Internet-based Top 40 Station on iTunes Radio

Blazin100.com First Filipino-operated Internet-based Top 40 Station Featured on iTunes Radio (that is broadcasting from the Philippines and not abroad)

It’s a feather in the cap for Blazin100.com to have their station featured on the iTunes Radio list. And they’re even more proud that they are the first Filipino-operated Top 40 internet-based (not FM) station (that is broadcasting from the Philippines and not abroad) that is on the list.

So what is iTunes Radio? It’s a list of internet radio stations from different countries. You can find this list by downloading the iTunes 10 software that is totally free. On the left panel, under the Library section, you see a “Radio” tab.

The stations are categorized by genre like Rock, Classic, Reggae and Top 40 or stations that play current hits.

Applying for iTunes Radio wasn’t easy. A team from the Apple-owned entity reviews the station based on a set of criteria. And the station must pass the strict streaming quality requirement. Because of Blazin100.com’s high quality sound, the station made it to the list.

For Filipinos here or abroad who love the Top 40 sound of a Philippine broadcaster, they now have more options to listen to Blazin100.com, aside from its on-site Adobe Flash radio player.

Blazin 100 is also available on Nokia Internet Radio directory, Internet-Radio.org.uk, Audiorealm.com, Shoutcast.com, and soon more listening options for Real Audio, Winamp, and Windows Media Player.

(disclosure: Blazin100.com is an advertiser of this website)