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NU107 Holds 1st Cebu Inter-BPO Rock Competition

iCall - Cebu's 1st Inter-BPO Rock Band Contest

NU107, San Miguel Beer, and Pier 1 Restaurant is holding the first ever inter-call center rock band competition in Cebu City on July 25, 2010. Call centers or BPOs (BPO – Business Process Outsourcing) are among the most active in concerts and music events in the province of Cebu, which prompted the station to come up with this competition.

DJ Mikey Bond of NU107 told us, “this is the first ever rock band competition for call centers. This competition was conceptualized by our Station Director.”

Listen to the promo below or log on to http://nu107cebu.freeforums.org/icall-inter-call-center-band-competition-2010-t199.html for details.