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RadyoBisdak.com – PURE Cebuano Online Radio Programming

Radyo Bisdak is a pure Cebuano Online Radio Station

www.RadyoBisdak.com is another Eureka for me, I just found out about it this month. Kudos to Mr Rolly Wagas for putting up this station.

Everything about this station is in Bisaya language (Cebuano). In fact the station logo – Radyo Bisdak is a contraction of the words “bisaya” and “dako” (big). “Bisdak” is a Cebuano slang used to refer to someone who is a native of Visayas or Mindanao or someone who speaks Cebuano.

From its website, the station clearly states it plays all Cebuano novelty songs. It sports programs like “Labyog Labyog”, “Kusina sa RB”, “Gugmang Gia***” (I bleeped that for its profanity) and “Tubaan”. You will hear songs from Max Subran and Yoyo Villame.

The copy and text of the site are in “nosebleedingly” Cebuano. And I learned from this site that the Cebuano translation of cyberspace is “dagitwanang”. Now I know!

I also learned that the operator of this site Rolly Wagas is a Cebuano novelty artist, his album is available in Ayala Cebu, which I am planning to buy.

Check out www.RadyoBisdak.com! It truly is an interesting yet noteworthy station. Especially that most of the Pinoy operated stations air foreign songs. This one is something I really commend and definitely will become my favorite bookmark.