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Can Other Stations Play ABS-CBN Christmas ID Songs?

ABS-CBN 2010 Christmas Station ID

With the increasing popularity of ABS-CBN’s Christmas Station IDs and its official theme songs, listeners are now pouring in radio air play requests of such hits as “Star Ng Pasko” and the new “Ngayong Pasko, Magniningning Ang Pilipino” (2010 Official Theme). The question is can competing radio networks play these songs?

ABS-CBN, the leading TV and radio network in the Philippines is known for its catchy and heartwarming Christmas Station IDs. “Star Ng Pasko” (Star Of Christmas) is among the most popular theme songs. This and other original compositions are produced by the network and performed by its own talents. The songs, although associated with the network, has generic lyrics that convey message of unity, hope, faith, love and family.

It’s definitely an issue of identity. The Christmas Station IDs will be aired hourly on all of ABS-CBN satellite TV and radio stations. And if a competition station plays any of the songs, that would indirectly identify ABS-CBN. And what kind of radio station would want to promote a rival network?

In the end, however, it’s the call of every listener-pleasing radio station whether or not they will play a song that is directly associated with a rival company.

Ngayong Pasko, Magniningning Ang Pilipino (This Christmas, Filipinos Will Shine)

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