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DWKC 939 Live It Up Jingle

Just viewed KCFM vid on Youtube, thanks for the link j5bata. I agree, this jingle is fantastic, locally made but pang-world class ang production. Although it would not work for today’s market and programming requirements but it did served its purpose way back the “live it up” days ng RMN FM network.

I could remember way back when I was in Dagupan , there was a generic version of that jingle without the KCFM logo at the end, RMN used this for their regional stations, before the iFM brand was launched. In Dagupan, it was ON-FM 104-7, in Cagayan de Oro City, it was 99-9 VM-FM, in Cebu City it was 93-9 XL FM.

It think RMN was the first FM network to use a unique read of the dial point. Most stations before read the frequencies with the dot or a point as in ninety-three-point-nine or ninety-three-dot-nine.

The “point-less” dial point read originated in the U.S.A. when stations begin to drop the “point” in delivering station breaks. The point of not reading the “point” in the frequency is easy memory recall. With the advent of digital tuner display on mini-components and car stereos, listeners are more likely to remember the dial point of the station. In short, it’s a radio branding strategy.

This radio branding trend lives on today in Cebu City. MBC’s Hot FM here reads their dial point as 9-1-5, as in nine-one-five for 91.5mHz. Hot FM is third in the ratings game, but on actual listenership, HOT FM Cebu rules. This is because the other two leading stations are focusing their branding on “stationality” or station personality.

DYLS (ABS-CBN) brands itself as Lupig Sila and DYRT (GMA) brands itself as “Nindota Ah”. The leading stations, with the former as the number 1, puts more focus on their unique selling proposition – building a brand, a feeling, a listener experience. But both stations however put less emphasis on dial point branding.

MBC’s Hot FM Cebu rather emphasizes frequency recall by constantly mentioning 9-1-5 Hot FM in all of their station breaks.

Anyway, here is the jingle for DWKC FM from their 93-9 KC FM Live It Up heyday.