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Greetings with DJ Cha Cha on MOR 101.9, Kathryn Bernardo Launches New Single ‘Crush Ng Bayan’

Join DJ Cha Cha now on Heartbeats only on MOR 101.9.

Also congrats to Kathryn Bernardo for the launch of her new single “Crush Ng Bayan” on MOR 101.9 For Life.

Listen closely, it is breaking news time , totally cool, and you have to read it right and understand it correctly.

Don’t be too scared as people are now talking about on Facebook and on Twitter regarding Kathryn Bernardo Crush Ng Bayan.

Like everything on social media, netizens are so fast in sharing and tagging everyone with this topic.

I just thought people should be more careful in what they post. But yeah, they shared this, oh shocks, topic "MOR 101.9"

It is (carrybles) kind of really surprising but it is what happens.


Kathryn Bernardo – Crush Ng Bayan

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Kathryn Bernardo – Mr DJ

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Kathryn Bernardo – You Dont Know Me

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