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Jam 88.3 Lets You Discover New Music First

Jam 88.3 - We Get The Hits First
Owl City, Sara Bareilles, and One Republic, what do these artists have in common? Well, before they went mainstream, they were just your regular bands doing gigs on weekends. There were independents artists before, having no major record label or PR firm backing them up. Their only ticket to fame is the hope of a major break. And only takes one word to get that – DISCOVERY!

And this what Jam 88.3 wants you to have. With the slogan “We Get The Hits First”, the 2008 KBP Gold Dove Awardee for Best Station, lets you discover new music and unsigned artists in a variety of ways. Jam’s programming is a host of opportunities, including Jam Sessions with Tracy which showcases local talents, Different Sunday serves covers and version of popular songs you might not have heard before, Lifted with Gabriel is a chance to listen to Contemporary Christian Music, Republik with Lana, 3 hours of home-grown Filipino music, and the Top 10 Chart Attack that lets keep track of the newest hitmakers.

Jam 88.3 took it further by partnering with AllMusicJunkies.com and MCA Music in releasing “Indiscreet”, a compilation of fresh Indie Tracks, which includes music by Owl City, Bloc Party, and Athlete.

In this digital age, what people listen and buy is no longer dictated by the record labels. It’s what people discover and dig. Radio has always been there for artists and music buffs. So if you wanna get to the hits first, you know the name – Jam 88.3. Log on to http://www.jam883.fm

Watch Teaser for Indiscreet Album

Watch SWAT – TV Campaign for Jam 88.3

Watch SURVEILLANCE – TV Campaign for Jam 88.3

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The Best Station Doesn’t Have To Be No. 1

Jam 88.3 (DWJM FM) is Metro Manila's recent KBP Golden Dove Awardee for Best Radio Station
Jam 88.3 (DWJM FM) is KBP Golden Dove Awardee for Best FM Radio Station

Jam 88.3 is a Hot AC station in Metro Manila, Philippines. It ranks low in the survey. Yet, it recently received the prestigious KBP Golden Dove Awards following its position as finalist to the 2008 Philippine Web Awards. Jam 88.3 plays a variety of music from the last 2 decades, catering to young professionals and selected adult.

What sells HOT in the Philippines are what the media calls as the “MASA” (mass) format, which is also categorized as Hot AC. The name is such since the spectrum of music programs caters to the most of the
“masses”. Jam 88.3’s Hot AC approach is different than that of the conventional “MASA hot ac” format. Their DJs converse in English. And the programs, segments, promos, and contests are just very creative, which I personally think is way different than the over-COMMERCIALISMIC approach of most masa stations.

Not that I’m against the MASA format. As one radio friend told me recently, MASA is not about the music, it’s about the coverage and the number of listeners. Yet, with Jam’s recent winning in the KBP Golden Dove Awards, it made me concretize my principle that a radio station does not have to be the number 1 station in order to the BEST radio station. Kudos to DWJM FM!