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When Will iTunes Radio Launch in the Philippines?

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iTunes Radio in the Philippines?

At WWDC, Apple has finally launched their newest service under the Music app called iTunes Radio. This means iTunes Radio is not a separate app, but a feature included in their iOS devices’ Music app.

Now people cannot help but benchmark it along with other similar related applications like Google Play, Pandora or Spotify. Like those, iTunes Radio has all the makings of a typical cloud-based music streaming service.

You choose from  a category like Alternative, Rock, Christian, Pop or Classic Rock. But you can also launch a station from an artist springboard. Say you choose Justin Timberlake Radio, then you’ll a stream of songs similar to the genre that a Justin Timberlake track belongs to. Continue reading When Will iTunes Radio Launch in the Philippines?


[PREP] JLS – Hottest Girl In The World Sounds Like Justin Timberlake?


JLS, one of the newest boybands that I really dig have released the official video of the new track Hottest Girl In The World.

I really did not notice it when they first released the audio version on YouTube.

But now I can’t help it but compare the singing and the style of the video to Justin Timberlake.

But hey, Justin Timberlake’s style is also influenced by artists like Michael Jackson.

So, duh!!!? Continue reading [PREP] JLS – Hottest Girl In The World Sounds Like Justin Timberlake?

Justin Timberlake – Magic Review with mp3 Download

Justin Timberlake - Magic

Justin Timberlake is back with a new track called Magic. Same old Justin-pop-infused song, that’s reminiscent with his FutureSex/LoveSounds hits.

Justin throws in a lot of falsettos in this song, which is very Justin-esque. The most interesting part about this song though is that this was produced by a Norwegian producers, who were also responsible for such big hits from Rihanna, NeYo, and Beyonce.

Magic is a good rhythmic song but it’s forgetable. Justin perhaps should follow up her Madonna collaboration with either Beyonce or, wow, Britney Spears!

Check out the track, and also check out the third studio album. Download Magic by Justin Timberlake here.