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OFWs Share Their Stories on Cyber Pinoy Radio

Buhay OFW on Cyber Pinoy Radio
Buhay OFW on Cyber Pinoy Radio

Cyber Pinoy Radio is proud to unveil its newest show – Buhay OFW. Hosted by DJ Bless, an OFW herself, the new radio show features stories and experiences of Overseas Filipino Workers.

Being homesick is just one of the many challenges an OFW faces. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the people behind Cyber Pinoy Radio launched the station. Cyber Pinoy Radio is not just an internet radio, it’s a community of Pinoys working in Europe, Middle East, and in the USA, to name a few. Listeners and djs interact through chat and what could probably ease homesickness than to be able to request and listen to home-grown Pinoy music.

Catch Buhay OFW on www.cyberpinoy.net

Buhay OFW Jingle