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DWDM 95.5 Pinas FM To Launch May 2011


Pinas FM DJs

DWDM 95.5 is now selling as “Pinas FM – Ang Pambansang FM” (The National FM). “Pinas FM”, is short for Pilipinas (Philippines). The station is set to launch on May 9, 2011. The station promises to stream as well on the internet. Here is a quick history about the station.

  • From 1987 to 1992, it was branded Diamond 95.5. It played mainstream pop.
  • In 1992, it changed its brand to Pinoy Radio DM 955 (ninety-five-five). Its format was all Pinoy music or OPM.
  • In 2002, it changed its brand again to DWDM 95.5 and played automated oldies music with few commercials & program schedules, similar to DWSS 1494.
  • It has ceased transmission since the beginning of 2007 apparently to upgrade its transmitter facilities.
  • In May 2007, it briefly returned in the airwaves on a lower bandwidth and limited broadcast hours (9am – 1pm), only on daytime. However, it lasted until June 8, 2007.
  • In April 8, 2011, 95.5 returned to the airwaves as a test broadcast. In April 22, Pinas FM 955 (ninety-five-five) debuted.
DWDM is the Flagship FM radio station of Net 25 in the Philippines.