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Radio Blog of the Week

Blogging has definitely changed the way people communicate nowadays. If blogging has been invented years back when I was still in radio, I’d probably still be in radio. But nah, no regrets. Blogs have helped me today more than ever before and more than it would have had it appeared ten years ago.

My favorite part about blogging is information sharing. And this week for the first, I’m starting a new streak in this website which will feature blogs that’s all dedicated to radio. Anything radio, that is. And this week, I’ll take this chance to put the spotlight on DisKorner.

DisKorner is maintained by Ronald of Albay. Oh, you can check out the site at www.diskorner.blogspot.com. Ronald’s a DJ. His blog’s not totally a radio nut, he blogs anything from disease to 99.5 Campus Radio. What I love about his blog though is its concise content. There is just so much you can need to do on the internet these days, so blog posts need to be brief but still punchy.

Go check out www.diskorner.blogspot.com to find out for yourself.

Please do contact me, if you want me to feature your blogsite in the future. God bless you all.