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iFM 93.9 Cebu is Number 1

iFM 93.9 Cebu is Number 1 in KBP - RRC Survey
iFM 93.9 Cebu is Number 1 in KBP - RRC Survey

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A radio executive and very credible resource has just pinged me today that DYXL FM 93.9 mHz iFM is the now number 1 radio station in Metro Cebu as per August 2008 KBP-RRC or Radio Research Council Survey.  My reaction is – “YEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEYYY!”.

I admit I am biased but iFM deserves it. Matter of fact, you don’t even need a survey to know that iFM  is the best and most listened radio station in the entire of Cebu. Hot FM 91.5 (Manila Broadcasting Company) comes in second. Now where does that leave former leading stations DYLS (MOR 97.1 Lupig Sila, ABS-CBN) and DYRT (Nindota AH 99.5 RT, RGMA)? Huh! I would not care!

I mean come on, who would want to believe that these two “cheap” stations (DYLS, DYRT) were formerly the leading stations in Cebu? I having nothing against the MASA format. But, listeners don’t deserve cheap, crappy programming and production. Just take a close listen to DYLS FM and DYRT FM, their programming and production are just so lame! Compare their programming with that of iFM, and you will know the difference.

See the MASA format is not really all about the music and all the “ka-jologan” “ka-cheapan” gimmicks! It seemed that most stations who call themselves “masa” don’t really understand what the format means. For them, as long as they hire disc jockeys that sound like the “palengkeras”, that’s already it, that’s MASA!.

These radio stations have completely insulted US listeners. Palengkeras in the public market even know how to speak English. Their giving their listeners cheap radio content, cheap and crappy produced commercials, cheap DJs, cheap adlibs, cheap promos, cheap gimmicks, cheap, cheap, cheap as though they are looking at US listeners as “CHEAP”. Holy Crap!

Now the joke is on you!

My goodness these so-called masa stations don’t even give a sh*ty effort in polishing their productions, the commercials they air. Oh my!

But thank God for iFM. They redefined the MASA format. They also put effort in everything that comes out from their transmitter. Every commercial that comes out is made sure that is of broadcast quality, acceptable by humans ears and brains, pleasing, and most of all MASA. MASA, my dear friends, is a radio format that is acceptable by most listeners.

What those so-called MASA stations do is that they cater only to a small chunk of the actual MASA market. They cater only to the jeepney drivers, some so-called MASA stations target only the public market vendors. That is not true MASA. MASA also includes white-collared workers, call center agents, private school students, sales ladies, executives, ballot vendor, taxi driver, teacher, liar, I mean lawyer, GROs, bank manager, in short everyone, we, all of us, we are the MASA.


Listeners and advertisers deserve quality content on the air, whatever format it is! I have always been an advocate of quality production and programming. Now the efforts of those radio stations who want to give their listeners better content have paid off.

So, I salute once again iFM, in behalf of all the radio stations who are doing efforts. Continue to deliver best quality and not pure commercialism on the air.


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