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Radyo Natin Streaming Stations: The Evolution of Radyo Natin Network

Radyo Natin

I was not really a big fan of Radyo Natin brand as I used to get confused with what the format is all about. They do news talk in the morning usually around 5-7 am and then goes music programming all day, and does newstalk again at the later part of the day. In some markets and franchises, they air public service, Catechismic programs and paid shows during the evenings. The music programming is either done locally or through a satellite feed from Radyo Natin HQ. In some occasions, they get feeds from Hot FM HQ. It really is confusing.

Radyo Natin for me is like the old AM. I recalled one time what a radio technician friend told me about the old days of radio, back when there was no FM yet. Radyo Natin today is exactly what AM stations were before according to him. Newstalk was the major content and music programs were aired in between news programs.

That’s when I get to understand Radyo Natin. It’s more like a community radio station, than the usual newstalk or music station we listen to. Radyo Natin helped rural areas have their own radio stations where they can air their voices, participate in community activities. Something that small markets were not able to do back since FM and AM stations were mostly based in capital cities.

The Radyo Natin (“Our Radio”) brand is not for the large market, which is basically why mother company MBC has other brands under its wings like Hot FM, Love Radio, and Yes FM.

I commend some franchises though who have taken a bold step and added a new twist to the “barriotic” personality of Radyo Natin. In some markets, Radyo Natin stations operate as stand-alone, all-music formats. You can still hear though the usual Radyo Veritaz feed every morning, but you can sense that the rest of programs are now done locally.

In fact, some franchises resorted to using “Radyo Natin FM”, with the emphasis on FM, to make the brand look and sound more “FM”. Radyo Natin is geared toward the market. In some areas, however, they dropped the Radyo Natin logo and instead used “RN-FM”. In fact, these stations operate in CHR format.

Imaging-wise, there Radyo Natin jingles were a big flop. I don’t why MBC allowed American singers to sing a Tagalog radio station name. The twang on the Radyo Natin sing, specifically on the “T” is just so unforgivable. Yet, Radyo Natin franchises and branches all over the Philippines are still airing them.

Listeners actually don’t mind about the jingles or imaging IDs that they hear about the station. What usually gets to them all the time is the kind of personality the radio station projects. It’s good to hear that there are Radyo Natin stations in the country that are making improvisations on the brand. That’s a good sign that these stations are responding to the listening habits of their audience.

I’d like to feature here three Radyo Natin markets with their websites, two of them are streaming online.

If you are a Radyo Natin station, comment below and post your website so we can feature you.

Mix FM Oton, Radyo Natin Iba Zambales Stream Online

Mix FM OTON, Radyo Natin Iba Zambales Online Streaming StationsJust added a couple of pinoy streaming radio stations: Mix FM Oton, Iloilo, and Radyo Natin Iba, Zambales. Mix FM is an FM station of Oton Broadcasting System. It operates on a POP music format. You can visit their website at www.mixfmoton.com.

Radyo Natin FM has been around in Iba, Zambales since 1997. And as new technologies emerge, Radyo Natin Iba took advantage of web streaming to capture more listeners. You can listen to Radyo Natin Iba online at http://www.radyoiba.ph.tc

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