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Where To Get Free Mobile Apps for Internet Radio Station and Affordable, Reliable ShoutCast Hosting


SHOUTca.st has been running for little over 5 months now, and it’s grown immensely. They’re the only host to offer outstanding customer service alongside the mountain of features they can offer to grow your station.

They  offer completely FREE mobile apps for both iOS AND Android – at no cost to all paying customers. Their plans start from just £2.00 per month, and go up to £5.00 per month for our VIP plan – so there will be a plan to suit you, and if not, they can do custom plans at prices to suit your budget.

They also have a free plan that is designed to give you a preview of what working with SHOUTca.st is really like.

Contrary to popular belief, they DO also offer Icecast servers – so these are available on request.

They also offer access to our Radio Resource Pod (RRP) which contains hundreds of files such as dry voice-overs, artist drops and power intros.

Come over and take a look – you won’t regret it! www.shoutca.st