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How Radio Bug Gives Homeless DJ A Second Chance

Homeless But Not Voiceless

In the radio industry, phrases like “once a radio announcer always a radio announcer”, or “been bitten by radio bug” are common. And it’s true for a jobless man in Columbus named Ted Williams whose popularity stemmed from being featured on YouTube. He now finds a second shot at radio and voice over after living in the streets being drunk and a drug abuser.

A local newspaper reporter discovered him with a placard partly saying “I have a God given gift of voice”. The reporter “YouTubed” a video of Williams in January 3 hoping to get support from viewers. Sympathy poured in and 2 days he got interviewed at WNCI FM.

Williams told he used to work at a Jazz radio station when alcohol and drugs took his career and was living homeless for years. By holding a sign card, he hoped to get a job in radio again. And sure he did. His placard did not just grant plenty of radio job offerings, but a share under the celebrity spotlight as well.

He was offered the following:

– THE BO RADIO SHOW Stint in Pennsylvania – offering a minimum wage starting salary.
– NBA announcer for The Cleveland Cavaliers — including a salary and a house.
– Ohio Credit Union League offered $10,000 cash and a retainer deal for voicework.
– ESPN is reportedly offering him a job.
– MTV reportedly wants to discuss a reality series.
– A free vacation trip to HILO, HI to voice a commercial.
– A spot on America’s Next Voice, a reality show for discovering new voice talents.
– And numerous guestings and interviews.

I have also known a lot of people in the business who have shifted away from radio. But the “radio bug” as we call it remains. And wherever life may radio announcers to, they will always go back to radio.