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The Music Industry Has A New Way of Finding New Talents and It’s Not Another X Factor

Updated: Now this is getting interesting, Tik Tok has just purchased Musically

If you have an active life on social networks and you are looking for a talent show that can show the world your musical talent , Facebook could soon meet you.

Apparently a researcher has discovered in the app of the blue social copious traces of an ‘ interface for a new function of singing competition : you can choose from a list of famous songs and record their own version.

The name would be "Talent Show" – but it is not said that it will not be renamed before the launch – and provides the opportunity to record their performances and send them as in a hearing .

The researcher has defined it as a cross between " musical.ly " and "15 million celebrities" (the show shown in the second episode of the first season of the Black Mirror series).

It seems that this is one of the results of recent partnerships signed by Facebook with the music industry majors and some independent labels .

According to the researcher, in fact, the new function would benefit (as well as Instragram Music) of the new rights management system that allows labels to approve the traces that can be used on the social network.