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[IMAGE] Vino Guingona Father of Empress Schuck’s Baby, Talk of the Radio

So I was listening to radio and these DJs are all talking about some Vino Guingona. Turns out, he is the daddy of the baby of Empress Schuck.

As Marian Rivera is yet to announce that she is pregnant, a Kapuso star has revealed ahead that she is in the family way.

And of course what revelation is complete without mentioning who is the father.

He is no other than Vino Guingona. Below are some of their photos with Empress. Vino is a model who stands 5’11”-tall. He used to be a varsity player for the basketball team of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University.


Images courtesy of Instagram: vinoguingona
Image courtesy of Instagram: valestonia
Image courtesy of Instagram: vinoguingona