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Radio Topic: Piolo Pascual Dating Nur Fazura

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Wait, dude, this is happening, check it out on social media and it’s true, the internet people are looking it up on Bing and Google about about Nur Fazura Piolo Pascual Girlfriend.

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Trending topics did not circulate, nope im serious, until today

People are asking question who is Nur Fazura in the life of Piolo Pascual.

This happened after seeing them together in a photo.

Nur is the new Malaysian friend of the actor. He met her at the ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards 2015 recently at Borneo Convention Centre in Kuching, Malaysia.

She is an actress, VJ, TV host and one of the most stylish actress and celebrity in their place.

Now, the question is, will she be the next girlfriend of PJ after KC Concepcion?
What is the height of Nur Faruza? The height of Nur Faruza is 5’11’’