Vote for the best imaged FM Station

Voting for the best imaged radio station has to be categorized according to format since each format has its distinct way of imaging and presenting its personality. BTW, imaging refers to the station IDs used by radio stations for example DWRR has station ID jingles that go “Alam Mo Na Yan” 101.9 For Life – that’s imaging.

For AC stations, iFM 93.9 from Radio Mindanao Network is the best imaged radio station in the country to date. Their new catchphrase theme is the iFM “Pwede” station IDs. This was a good follow up to their first imaging campaign aptly themed “iFM – and FM ko ay …..”. The new Ifm Pwede station IDs feature jingles that encompass all the diverse styles of music, from pop, rock, acoustic, to reggae and even RNB. They even had Kyla singing for their new iFM jingles. Although iFM commissioned an American based jingle imaging producer TM Century , now called Jones TM, for their iFM jingles, the folks at DWKC still managed to craft original and Pinoy-flavored IDs that are true in Filipino spirit.

For CHR, RX 93.1 is the best imaged station.

The worst imaged station so far is not from a Manila station but from a Cebu station. ABS-CBN’s M.O.R. My Only Radio LS 97.1 Lupig Sila station is the worst dressed radio station in the Philippines to date. Maybe Peter Rabbit needs to review on their regional FM station. Although their MOR jingle is popularly enough to obtain much needed mind recall, it’s the overall presentation, appeal or stationality of MOR Cebu that is really sick.

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12 thoughts on “Vote for the best imaged FM Station”

  1. hi…..ako jud favorate ang M.O.R.,,,SPECIALLY james spider… just wondering ngano dghan pa jud nanira nla…ingon ana jd gro ang mga tawo..bsta 4 me M.O.R IS THE BEST..JAMES TANX SA PGLINGAW sa mga sa brgy.KALUBIHAN TALAMBAN…LAST SEPT.27…i was there…wla koh ga expect maka jam ka….wla ko nasayop na g-admire tka??married na bah c james spider?? tnx a lot…….tc olweiz and godbless…..


  2. hi ivan, im glad like mo rin ang mga pwede jingles ng iFM, which version dun ang pinaka favorite mo? We specially that cut by chito miranda and gloc 9. You said gusto mong ma download ang mga jingles, hmmm. sige request natin yan sa mga friends natin sa iFM, if okay sa kanila na most ang kanilang mga jingles.


  3. hey hey dis your 1 fan from lagtang to asturias way lain sikat na fm radio og labing heleg paminawn sa mga kabataan karn,senior citizen.numero uno fm radio ngayun at noon ang mor 97.1 lupig sila… tnx sa paglingaw dj spider kaka pag fiesta sa asturias didto sa daplin dagat ilha uncle noe…. from dolyns,michael,dioso jr. and tanan dri taga lagtang.. james spider the best… tnx sd sa tanan na dj


  4. hi jonathan, thanks for dropping us a line. Im sure your kinakusgan friends will be happy for that.

    BTW, iFM just had Makisig Morales and Sarah Geronimo singing their jingles. Any body knows more artists singing pwede jingles?

    If possible sana meh makacontribute din ng mp3s ng mga jingles. They are very historical! hehe


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