Alan Burn’s Success: Movin Jingles Get Refreshed

Alan Burns and Associates, a team who aims to increase ratings of radio stations across the United States through providing custom strategies, music plans, marketing and promotional ideas, morning show development and staff training is proud to impart its growing number of successful stations. These stations range from formats AC, Gold AC and CHR. Alan Burns & Associates have helped these radio stations cope even with the toughest of market circumstances. The consulting company says it’s proud of its experience, accumulated knowledge and skills since their programming service since 1969 and consultation since 1985.

Among the CHR stations which skyrocketed its ratings through Alan Burns and Associates are WNVZ Norfolk, WNOU Indianapolies, WHTZ New York, KIIS FM Los Angeles, B96 Chicago, KMXV, Kansas City and WWWQ Atlanta.

Hot AC and Modern AC clients of Alan Burns And Associates are WRAL Raleigh, KSTZ Des Moines, WWMX Baltimore, WBMX Boston, KS95 Minneapolis and KFMB San Diego.

Successful Mainstream & Soft AC clients include WMAS Springfield, KESZ Phoenix, WWDE Norfolk, KMZQ Las Vegas, WLTA Milwaukee and KSRC Kansas City.

As part of Alan Burns & Associates programming strategy, jingle imaging is what the team is always pushing. The company stressed that the importance of jingles are a must have for any station.

“Movin” is Alan Burns’ latest radio format. Recently, Movin station’s imaging is updated with a new jingle package from JAMXMUSIC in Europe ( It’s the format’s second jingle package since its debut in 2006. The package is now in use in 6 Movin stations across the United States including Movin 92.5 KQMV FM Seattle, Movin 99.7 KFRC CBS Radio San Francisco, Movin 107.5 KMVK CBS Radio Dallas, Movin 100.7 KYMV Salt Lake City, Movin 101.1 WYMV St. Louis and Movin 107.5 KVMX Radio Portland.

Click here to listento Movin Jingles


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