BBC DJ Forgets To Turn On Mic

During the last four days, news struck the radio world when community radio DJ volunteer Andy Greener forgot to push the mic button and instead spent an hour talking to himself. Good thing, there were songs and jingles that backed up Greener and saved his radio career. Here is the news clip from

DJ Andy Greener broadcast for an hour unaware he was not live
A radio DJ who spent an hour talking on his breakfast show without realising that listeners could not hear has made headlines across the world.
Andy Greener, a volunteer DJ at Radio Teesdale, forgot to press a crucial button to make his show live.

Since the blunder, he has received messages of support from the US while a Dutch fan has even recorded a tribute song, called Push The Button.

The DJ said he now checks every few minutes that the show is still on air.

He added: “The reaction has been unbelievable.

“I’ve had someone from Kansas in America record some messages for the show and a fan from Holland send in his own song.

“When I put my name into Google there are hundreds of articles about me.”

  I’ve been double-checking and triple-checking the right buttons are all down

DJ Andy Greener

Instead of his show last Wednesday, listeners heard 60 minutes of music and jingles as an automated back-up system kicked in to prevent radio silence.

“My first reaction when I realised was ‘What have I done?’, but I wouldn’t change history after how it has gone,” Greener said.

Station manger Peter Dixon said the whole community was talking about the red-faced presenter.

“I’ve had so many people ringing up wanting to talk to Andy and also offering to become volunteers.

“It’s true what they say – any publicity is good publicity,” he said.

To make sure the DJ does not make the same mistake twice, he has made a few changes.

“I’ve been double-checking and triple-checking the right buttons are all down and even brought in a portable radio so I can hear if the show is going out,” Greener added.

Lessons Learned from Mr. Andy

Here in the Philippines, while computers have radically changed the way DJs handle themselves on board, radio disc jockeying is still primitive in some ways. But it has some positive notes too. Since pinoy DJs still do 80% manual work while on air, the chances of forgetting to turn on or off the microphone are very slim.

I too had this share of blundering. It’s probably one of the worst nightmares of a radio DJ. But here are some tips on how you should MIND THAT MICROPHONE BUTTON.

  • Leftist or not, make sure you always have your finger(s) rest on the microphone button. Not too heavy though.
  • Always look at the ON AIR signage.
  • Bring a long a portable radio, sometimes your studio monitor can get busted. In fact, I was more comfortable plugging my headphones into a radio cassette than on the console.
  • Best of all, HAVE PRESENCE OF MIND.

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