Campus Radio Returns Easter Sunday as Campus FM?

No details however about the re-launch. In fact, there is still no definite dial point set for the new Campus Radio. My hunch says that the people behind the return are dropping the “Campus Radio” logo and instead will be using “Campus FM”.

Here’s a probable reason. “Campus Radio” is still a GMA property. However, they can have the word “Campus”. My first guess was that the guys will be using “Campus XX.X” (with X as the new dial point). But I am pretty much sure that ‘Campus FM’ will push through.

The exchange of comments and speculations are still hot on and on a Friendster-like website But as Jimmy Jam says in his blog “facts shall reveal themselves further, as the proverbial plot thickens”.

In the meantime, I’d like to share this recent response we emailed to one of our readers. David of Cotabato City asked us some tips on making effective ad proposals. Well, of course your letter should be sincere and should not sound like you are only interested in getting money from your prospect client.

Your proposal should be inviting and should clearly state the benefits the client will gain if they get your station for their advertisement. But here’s one radio proposal tip that I have been using for years now and proved to be really effective.

Try putting the logo of your client on your proposal. The internet is a free resource of images. This will give the client a personalized feeling, making them feel special. So go ahead, insert a logo.

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