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Campus Radio Returns Easter Sunday as Campus FM?

No details however about the re-launch. In fact, there is still no definite dial point set for the new Campus Radio. My hunch says that the people behind the return are dropping the “Campus Radio” logo and instead will be using “Campus FM”.

Here’s a probable reason. “Campus Radio” is still a GMA property. However, they can have the word “Campus”. My first guess was that the guys will be using “Campus XX.X” (with X as the new dial point). But I am pretty much sure that ‘Campus FM’ will push through.

The exchange of comments and speculations are still hot on pinoyexchange.com and on a Friendster-like website www.campusradio.co.nr. But as Jimmy Jam says in his blog www.bigbadjimmyjam.blogspot.com “facts shall reveal themselves further, as the proverbial plot thickens”.

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