Will 99.5 Campus FM Be Successful? Questions About the Return of Campus Radio

I was so damn right when I guessed that Campus Radio will be returning today as Campus FM. Please refer to my blog post on March 13, 2008 here “Campus Radio Returns Easter Sunday as Campus FM?”.

99.5 Campus FM SuccessI also would like to congratulate jsbata at PEX for guessing the right dial point for Campus Radio’s return. Please refer to his post here. But above all I would like to congratulate Real Radio, Jimmy Jam, John Hendrix, the Campus Radio fans, to those who helpe in the petition and everyone responsible for the return of the legend. Hats off! Now, the buzz about the return of Campus Radio was unquestionably hot. It turned out to be a very successful publicity stunt, so again congratulations to all of you. In the coming days,  you will start raking serious money. You have successfully grabbed, combined and built a good market.

The questionable part however is that will this Campus Radio/Campus FM-return frenzy stay for long. Will this give Real Radio high ratings? Will Jimmy Jam and John Hendrix and the rest of the Campus FM staff live up to the expectations of the listeners? Will it turn out to be a real HIT this time? Will Jimmy Jam and John Hendrix become a victim again of MASS TERMINATION?

The answer? We will never know.

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17 thoughts on “Will 99.5 Campus FM Be Successful? Questions About the Return of Campus Radio”

  1. well, they’ve been at it since time immemorial. When there was still Campus Radio in LS, daming tumitira sa station (especially Triggerman, whom many found him to be “bastos” to his callers tuwing Top 20 @ 12, plus the fact that LS sits in the middle of a still on-going war of the two networks.

    Okay lang siguro nung sinabi na dapat RT ang ibinalik imbes na gawing Campus ang 99.5 noon pero sobra na if bashers bash even the DJ’s on a personal level just for the sake of bashing and humiliating them. Mga walang konsensya ang mga iyan


  2. Up until now no new updates on the purpoted return of the Campus, presumably on the 0.4 frequency gap…

    And yet these naysayers have been hitting on them once again, sabi pa nila “Huwag nang buhayin ang patay”…


  3. edit: “…and (that) niche stations are now endangered by the recent rise of reformats (in recent years, and more recently WRocK)”


  4. A lot of people have long been hitting on Campus. But it was sure brave for John Hendrix and co. to pull themselves together despite the personalized hits and bashes against them. Whether or not the Campus brand will be brought back for the nth time (1st time was 1999 after LS-FM “Forever”, and 2nd after the so-called “HiT Flip” last March), lloyal listeners would support them all the way since at this point where radiolandia is ruled by masa stations and niche station that are now endangered from the recent rise of reformats for the past few years.


  5. Campus 9.5 died on August 14, 2008 doing what it does best, “Putting the Campus back in our Radio”!

    We’ll miss you guys!


  6. Well i am a freak fan of the radio specifically monster radio as i listen to them i mimic their styles if campus gonna give a chance to get in i can do better than monster radio and magic


  7. I remind me from Campus FM to announce and check my friends whose aired from our radio and one of those listeners would it be your inform. Jimmy Jam and John Hendrix keep focusing on your mind…:)


  8. ‘Will it turn out to be a real HIT this time? Will Jimmy Jam and John Hendrix become a victim again of MASS TERMINATION?’

    Just like what they did to the HITSQUAD!!!


  9. I hope the radio station would. I was shock when it came out, I just listened on radio last monday. I thought Hit FM would be still on air. But I hope Campus Fm would air unfamiliar songs like Hit Fm use to have. I would surely miss that.


  10. they will if they keep the formula that made them in demand. i was in manila last year and got the shock of my life when what used to be campus radio became just another pop station. to the new campus fm just continue to make the difference.


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