Are You The Next Big Star Is A Flop!

nextbigstarOkay, do we really need another pop star competition? Pinoy Idol was enough. GMA 7’s “Are You The Next Big Star” is crap. Know why.

First, the judges, look at them. We don’t even know them, I mean hey, I know Pops Fernandez, Randy Santiago, and like what, these are old school singers, do we really need another Sarah Geronimo or Erik Santos? Come on, look at the other judges, the whole of Philippines don’t even know them, so who gives a shit to what they say.

As a matter of fact, the judges are not even appreciating the efforts of the first-time performing contestants. Lahat, negative comments. As if it was already the finals.

Second, the audience. The audience was pale, stale, dry; they are not even paying attention to the performance of the singers. The audience looked like they were also critiqued. They don’t applaud, no energy. Patay.

Third, the setting. The contenders were still new to performing, they shouldn’t be put on the stage right away. Look at them, the contestants looked so poor with their little experience, now they are singing in front of hundreds. I thought that was an audition.

The setting really put off and scared the raw talents. Instead of trying to unleash raw talents from these contestants, the setting concealed, kasi kinabahan na yung mga contestants.

I can’t really judge the show by merely watching a single episode. But I can’t be sorry, I judged it already. If this is what we get from the first few episodes of Next Big Star, what do we expect from the next ones, crappiness!


37 thoughts on “Are You The Next Big Star Is A Flop!”

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  3. I think one of the reasons na hindi sumisikat ang mga singers from GMA ay naka-focus lamang sila sa career ng mga talents na popular. So kung kinakagat ng masa doon sila naka-focus, pero their other stars eh sa kangkungan lang muna. Not like ch 2, na binibigyan lahat ng break ang kanilang talents.
    Sana lang ay bigyan ng break lahat ng stars para naman makita ang potential ng bawat isa and they should experiment on new things indi yung puto re-make.


  4. hehehehehahahahahhehehehehe un lng ang reaction ko sa show kakasawa na mga latak pa ng ibang singing contest ang nasa finals…san n nga ba napunta ung grand winner ng pinoy idol?


  5. ok naman ang show. disappointed lang me kasi pagdating sa finals, na.eliminate si jay perillo, who i think should be the big winner. frencheska farr was my bet from the start pa lang.


  6. What GMA looking in this show is beauty and talent… Among the girls top 3 would be ALEXA, FRANCHESKA & ZYRENE… the guys: ALEX, GEOFF & GREGGY… Those 6 names i’v mentioned kelangan ng SOP para tumapat sa ASAP hwag na hanapin magagaling kumantang hindi masyadong pretty face kasi madadagdagan na naman ang mga gerald at jonalyn…

    just my opinion


    1. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,excuse mhe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kahit ilang talents pa itapat nyo sa asap,,,,,,walang,,,,,,,,,makakatalo sa kanila


  7. I saw the show for the first time. And sorry to say this but I wish I didn’t. Some guy named Greggy on that show sang Kailan by E-heads. And that idiot scrambled the lyrics.

    I thought of giving the show a chance. But screw that, the judges didn’t even said a word about that idiot making a mistake. I was waiting for them to say something, and all they said was that, the bastard had a lot of charisma.

    If you saw that episode, you can clearly tell he made a mistake. At tingin ko alam din nung Greggy, parang hinihintay nyang ma scold sya, pero wala man lang ni slap on his wrist.

    Ok lang naman kung masama ang judges basta tama. Pero ang sama ng judges kasi parang pinabayaan lang nila. Parang wala lang sila paki alam, iniisipko tuloy kung nakikinig ba talaga.


  8. I can’t help but notice that the ,elimination of contenders were really based primarily on their looks. Look who are left right now????? and look back to those that were eliminated. i Have been judging here in the US for years and asthetic or looks should only be 20% and 80 % on the quality of their voice, choice of song and performance.

    Anyway, i forgot that in the philippnes pag mestiso ka guapo o maganda ka material ka sa showbiz generally speaking.

    Sana you change the system , i feel for those deserving that didnt have the looks .


  9. maganda naman pala ang show.. twice ko na siya napapanood at parehong may tanggalan na naganap.. yag na nga l;ang talaga natin siyang icomparega.. waag na nga l;ang talaga natin siyang icompare sa Pinoy Idol dahil malayong malayo ang isang ito sa crap noong show..


  10. I love d show . . .about d judges?They r credible nman. .Especially danny tan. .Dont compare it to pinoy idol. .Kc my part n mga judges. .N i think expert sila. .Expert? Yeah. .They r xpert 4 me. . ^ ^


  11. Alam mo lavavo… hindi naman kasi si REgine ang kikwestiyon… yugn credibility nung show… ok… andun si regine… pero walang paki ang mga tao dun kasi ang yung next big falling star, i mean big star ang kinikilatis ng bayan… and the judges… those judges were not even known… Pops, I kniw her pero she was not that good… Randy Santiago… kamanyakan lang ang inaatupag… pero yung ibang judge… WE never knew that they existed… THe EP’s should think about it… tma yung sinabi ng author… magiging Pinoy Idol din to…


  12. All of guys here who says for a NEGATIVE comments are all really CRAP.. be thankful in every station that gives us a view to watch. every human being has a different expectation. be contented of what we have. Come to think of it if there is no station in this world what we are now.??????

    I’m getting SICK of all negative thinker..

    PEACE fo your mind…


  13. Hi everyone, thanks for all your comments.

    I have never really seen the show again since I first saw it. But if I have chance might as well give it a peek to see the development. For the record, I am not against Sarah and Erik. It is just that they are already there. We don’t need to replace them or duplicate them whatever they are to you, talented or not. It seems like kasi every singing competition is dishing out “balladeers”.

    The point is, we need a new star, a total performer, someone we’ve never seen before in the Phil music industry, not a stereotype, not a duplicate of someone. We want a STAR to look up to. And if this show is instrumental in unleashing the star in the hopefuls, then it should really do its job.

    @mimsy thanks for the up.

    @rommel ah yes, thanks a lot. if i get a chance to watch it one of these saturdays, i really will. i mean, pag meh talent naman talaga ang tao, mano-notice naman yan eh. Look at charice, she didn’t win but look at her now, I mean siguro , the next frontier for her is singing in the moon or in planet mars. LOL, like’s conquered the world na kaya di ba. I saw her yesterday on ASAP, she’s a grown up lady already, she’s knows and handles her stuff really well. Excellent, if I may put it again.

    Sana lang talaga, they will try to improve the show. Kasi nga if this is a competition, they need to do it 21st century style, hindi na yung tipong Tanghalang ng Kampeon.

    To the EPs of the show, give the show some cinematic approach, give it some drama, action, make the show lovable. Yung tipong sinusubaybayan ng mga tao, after the first time they see it.

    To everyone: thanks for your valuable comments, they are all welcome here.

    Tayo Pinoy we’re good natured people naman eh, so GMA, I know you can do better than that.

    to the contestants of ‘Next Big Star, this is not to put you down, just do your thing. Your true talent will give you justice.


  14. to kevin,

    have you really watched sarah perform? kasi parang hindi eh.. sarah may not be a big belter like charice pero SHE’s A PERFORMER.. she can do a beyonce, miley, rihanna or even a christina song really well na as if parang kanyang-kanya na talaga yung song.. plus she’s very graceful sa stage unlike regine na puro tayo lang.. xP

    you’re probably too glued sa SOP and sa mga singing starlets nila.. la diva? you’ve got male? kyla? ano na ba ang narating nung mga yun? not even a single commercial.. poor you!


    1. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,….i totally agreeee………sarah is d best,,,,,,,,,,,,,compared to………………….other singers,,,,,,


    2. magaling si sarah? ah OO sa comedy ba? sa cmmercial nya nung CHARMEE? ahehehehe….weird…para sya wala sa sarili na sumasayaw ng tinikling (invisible ang mga kawayan ah). mas matarning at mataas pa boses ni aicelle santos kesa kay sarah noh.


  15. it’s not that bad naman eh.. may magaling din naman dun (like jay who came from star in a million sa abs and that rocker cutie who’s just so refreshing to watch :))..

    about the judges? i have to agree with you.. i don’t like ANY of them.. even nung sa pinoy idol days.. duh?! bakit si jolina? bakit si wyngard, bakit si ogie? ogie maybe a good songwriter pero i NEVER really liked his singing.. para kasi siyang tumutala lang eh.. same with janno.. (peace!)

    the next big star ba? we’ll see..


  16. No, I don’t think it’s a recycled version of Pinoy Pop Superstar or Pinoy Idol, but a modified version. Dito mananalo ang deserving dahil counted ang boto ng judges, sa Pinoy Idol noon mananalo ka lang kung mayaman ka at kaya mong mamudmod ng load. Gaya ni Gretchen Espina, nanalo siya dahil sa impluwensiya ng pamilya niya, hindi gusto ng GMA ang result na yun kaya siguro hanggang nagayon no show pa rin si Gretchen. Give this show a shot. Ako kasi lagi ko itong pinanonood. Try n’yo lang po, Thanks


  17. yeah it’s crap. really. i was disappointed with Pinoy Idol. sooo suuuper disappointed. and here it goies again. another singing crap. everything is crap. the starstruck thing, the singing competition things, and everything from the daytime dramas to the telebabad stuff. they’re crap. GMA wasn’t like this before. and yeah sarah and erik santos are crap too! haha everything about this post is crap. but the poster is cool! love it!


  18. magaling si sarah noh…. at sinong nagsabing walang talent..baka ikaw kahit bahay kubo hindi mo kaya kantahin…hahahahha…. what a pity kevin….. siguro ikaw hindi lang boses ang flat pati mukha FLAT…. hahahahhaha…..


  19. I hope you give it a shot. Anyway, if you really can’t stomach it, then don’t watch. Hehe.

    But I believe in over a half of your critic on this.


  20. what do you mean do we need another sarah or erick???? you mean nagagalingan ka sakanila?? hello eh pare parehas lang mga singers dito puro sablay! lalo na yan si sarah, sabihin na natin madami syang fans, pero “technically” wala syang talent! mejo nakikita ko pa sya as comedian not as a singer! puro sya flat at pag kumakanta ng Mariah Carey song, para ng nag hahalucinate!


    1. ……………DONT U EVER SAY…..THAT SARAH DOESNT HVE TALENT….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHO R U TO SAY THAT?????????????CRAPPPPPPPPPPPP,. SARAH IS TOTALLY MAGNIFICENT……………..D BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


    1. ……………..totally true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heeeehehehehehehe,,,,,,,,,,gma dont even have the capacity of producing a real star,,,,,,,,,,,,, i mean,,,look at marian rivera?????????????????????so,,,,,boring,,,,,she dont even have talent,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


      1. So dont even say that marian rivera has no talent if you dont want to read any comment about your sarah geronimo that she has no talent. why your saying marian has no talent? kaw ba, my talent ka ba???


  21. havent watched the show yet though I must say that its a promissing one. Pinoy Idol is a crap, we all know that but the previous talent shows such as Pinoy Pop Superstar and Search for a Star are all hit. But, GMA didn’t know how to handle singing talents that’s why their winners are stucked on SOP.

    let’s give this a chance. Hopefully, the GMA admin learned from what they’ve done in the past.

    anyways, can you pls support me here:

    pls pls! super thanks!


  22. Not to be bias about it but reality shows from GMA 7 are not really worth watching. I haven’t seen it but having Pops Fernandez as judge is really weird. She’s not like the Best Singer out there! How can she create one? I had enough with them choosing Jolina Magdangal to be a judge for Pinoy Idol and this… Hopeless.

    But you know I’ll give them a chance. We really don’t know who will win. the winner might be really the next BIG star. We can’t say.


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