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Are You The Next Big Star Is A Flop!

nextbigstarOkay, do we really need another pop star competition? Pinoy Idol was enough. GMA 7’s “Are You The Next Big Star” is crap. Know why.

First, the judges, look at them. We don’t even know them, I mean hey, I know Pops Fernandez, Randy Santiago, and like what, these are old school singers, do we really need another Sarah Geronimo or Erik Santos? Come on, look at the other judges, the whole of Philippines don’t even know them, so who gives a shit to what they say.

As a matter of fact, the judges are not even appreciating the efforts of the first-time performing contestants. Lahat, negative comments. As if it was already the finals.

Second, the audience. The audience was pale, stale, dry; they are not even paying attention to the performance of the singers. The audience looked like they were also critiqued. They don’t applaud, no energy. Patay.

Third, the setting. The contenders were still new to performing, they shouldn’t be put on the stage right away. Look at them, the contestants looked so poor with their little experience, now they are singing in front of hundreds. I thought that was an audition.

The setting really put off and scared the raw talents. Instead of trying to unleash raw talents from these contestants, the setting concealed, kasi kinabahan na yung mga contestants.

I can’t really judge the show by merely watching a single episode. But I can’t be sorry, I judged it already. If this is what we get from the first few episodes of Next Big Star, what do we expect from the next ones, crappiness!