First Vote Goes to Manny Villar

Villar, Legarda, Ocampo and Masa Picked By First Automated Elections Voter

In this historical absentee voting taking place starting today for OFWs in Hong Kong, Rowena Dela Cruz, the first Filipino in line to feed her ballot on the PCOS machine, reveals she gives her vote to Nationalista standard bearer Manny Villar as reported in today’s radio program with Noli De Castro on DZMM.

Report further states the first “Philippine automated election” voter voted for Loren Legarda as her vice presidential bet and shaded only two names in the senatorial list, the names of which were Satur Ocampo and Lisa Masa.

Ms Dela Cruz has this very rare opportunity to be the first Filipino to vote in the first automated election. She is a Filipino and she works in Hong Kong. But instead of her coming home to vote, the election comes to her.

That’s how important our vote is. Makes me even more convinced that I should go home this May 10, 2010 to cast my vote, even if it means in my part, spending money, taking effort, and risking my life in a notoriously hostile place for elections. I am leaving for Mindanao to vote.


2 thoughts on “First Vote Goes to Manny Villar”

  1. Its a pity that some OFW in Hongkong are mislead to vote for Manny “Taga” Villar.Afterall the C5 controversy, how he managed to outsmart people’s money ( the gov’t) for his housing projects…is a disaster for me. As if there are people that can’t discern good from evil. I hope she would find some time to stay in Las Pinas to find out what I mean. Here, Villar’s brother-n-law is the Mayor, son Mark Villar is running for Congressman and apparently, running alone. Nephew, Carlo Aguilar is for councilor and wife,Cynthia Villar is currently the lone representative of Las Pinas.Traffic has been a problem here. Color cooding is strictly impose to ordinary motorist but all employees of the Mayor’s Office are exempted.A double standard of justice. If you park at Municipyo to settle for Realty Tax, a fee of Ph30.00 will be collected but if your an employee, your free of charge! Whats worse the orange Traffic enforcer only focuses on small violations of motorist to get high on their Quota, 20% commissions at stake. Therefore, the more, the merrier for them. A fiest for the crocodiles! If U haven’t paid your realty tax for a year a 40% penalty is levied…but if your a friend of Diane ( Manny Villar’s sec.) ……may tawad ka at kahit ilan taon ka pang di nagbabayad ay walang penalty pa! Ito ba ang klase ng systema gusto natin kung si Villar ang mananalo? Magisip2 kayo mga OFW baka pati mga anak ninyo ay maligo na sa basura, wala pa rin kayong bahay sa Brittany.


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