Tamano: “Why, When ABS-CBN Favors Noynoy?”

“Bakit naman po ibibigay namin ang dokumento sa ABS-CBN na alam naman namin na bias o favor ang network kay Noynoy.”

“Bakit naman po ibibigay namin ang dokumento sa ABS-CBN na alam naman namin na bias o favor ang network kay Noynoy.” – Atty. Adel Tamano, Nationalista Spokesperson explains in a phone in DZMM interview this morning with Gerry Braja and Anthony Taberna following accusation that the Nationalista party supposedly made up and handed over the documents to ABS-CBN pertaining to Liberal Party Presidentiable Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III having a history of “massive depressive disorder”, as a “black propaganda”.

Earlier in a report via ABS-CBNNews.com, Aquino stated that “What they’re doing is that they came up with this work of fiction”. Tamano, in the interview further reasoned that there is no way this black propaganda against Noynoy can benefit the Nationalista party.

Whatever the truth though, it is ugly to see and hear both parties, claiming to be opposition, throwing stones against each other. I am not surprised though when Tamano mentions the slanting of ABS-CBN toward Noynoy.

Anthony Taberna and Gerry Braja followed up Tamano’s statement saying that they respect his opinion. Tamano closed the interview thanking the two anchors for the fair opportunity given to them.

Although apparently the Lopez-run company leans in favor to Aquino, I still commend the company for its effort in maintaining credibility in its news and public affairs activities. I hope the people will appreciate their efforts.

Isang magandang Araw ng Kagitingan po sa inyo.

Some quotes are loosely transcripted from the DZMM Interview, Dos Por Dos, with Anthony Taberna and Gerry Braja, dated April 9, 2010 7;45 AM.


3 thoughts on “Tamano: “Why, When ABS-CBN Favors Noynoy?””

  1. With all the controversies surrounding Aquino, i think i have to listen to my gut feel and NOT VOTE FOR NOYNOY. Somehow he makes the hair in my neck raise up, and this is not good.


  2. it seems atty. tamayo is desperate to improve his rating. last survey shows he is way below the ranking. best way to do so is to make a newsworthy statement. the other day, he was ‘sorry’ for not focusing on the high level of campaigning but instead joining the mudslinging activities of the political arena. but since it gave little (or no) impact on the media, he attacked the media instead.


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