What You Need To Know About DJ Intro Jingles

DJ Jingle Intros Should Be As Perfect As The Whole Session

A mix session is never complete without the DJ intro.  DJ mix show openers and intro jingles have always been used from the good ole days of mixtapes, vinyl records and the compact discs. They say that an intro speak so much about the whole session. Whether you are a Paul Van Dyk or a hobbyist, you know you want the intro to be just as wicked as the entire playlist.

Style. DJ intro style depends on what type of music you play. If you are more on trance, house and club music, it’s good to start with a more subtle style like a drone to set the mood of the party crowd. Urban mixes are great to be introed with smashing and impacting approach.

Ways. There are also different ways to intro your mix session. You can use your own voice, being the DJ yourself which gives your session a more personal touch. Another way is to mash up drops from movies and put in FX that will make your intro sound like a movie trailer.

Artist or celebrity drops are great to use as well. Getting artists to introduce you and your mix show gives it a much more edge.

Service. There are also services on the internet that offer custom and pre-produced DJ intro jingle drops. Aside from being affordable, you get a lot of choices, plus you can also mix and match different pre-produced elements to come up with a new mix.

Here are samples of DJ Intros.

Trance Around The World

DJ Wise Mighty Mouse DJ Intro

DJ Twin 300 Mixtape Intro

DJ TWIN Terror Twins Entourage Intro

DJ Tools Cool Intro

DJ Manny MixTape Intro

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