WRock Cebu Goes Online, Butuan’s First Online Station Launches

96.3 WRock Cebu’s website is well underway. We hope the website will showcase a similar feature such found on www.wrock.fm as the Lite Rock Favorites of the Week with Cherry and Dylan. For now, you will only see an under-construction grafitti on http://www.wrockcebu.com.

BXU Radio Butuan City is test streaming via http://bxuradio.listen2myradio.com/ and http://s6.myradiostream.com/12680.htm. BXU Radio is among the very few online stations operating from Mindanao. BXU plans to relaunch very soon at www.bxuradio.com 

Radio Romance, sounds familiar? No, it’s not a revival of the former DWRR, it’s an IRC internet radio station operated by chat and fm enthusiasts in Pagadian City. It’s among the earliest internet radio stations in Mindanao which operated since 2006. Join the Radio Romance chat room while listening at www.radioromance.info


One thought on “WRock Cebu Goes Online, Butuan’s First Online Station Launches”

  1. Im from Cebu. listening to music has always been my hobby ever since my high school days.I may have liked many songs but i have only one favorite music station… w. rock Cebu. Me and my best friend Virg often listen to w. rock in our free time. There is no other music station that suites to my choice of music. Ever since i found w. rock i never changed my dial. When i was still at high school we don’t have a DVD player and when im outside the house i could no longer hear the music. So what i did was save and bought myself a handy radio with headset so i can continually listen to while doing my household chores, be it washing the dishes in the kitchen, sweeping the floor, in the garden watering the plants and even doing the laundry. I spend most of my time listening to W. Rock every time I don’t have class. I love reading books while listening to w. rock. And now that im married and working here in thailand… i really miss w. rock songs. Im hoping somebody there will be an online w.rock so i can listen to at my office. I f there is pls let me know through my email. Each moment i remember w. rock i go to youtube and listen to its jingle. God Bless!


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