Affordable and Quality Radio Jingles and Sweepers

In the US alone, there are roughly 57 million listeners tune in to internet. The industry is now worth $500 million, a big jump from what it used to be $49 million in 2003.

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With the growth of the internet radio industry, comes also the increase of demand for radio jingles, sweepers, and productions. You can get affordable imaging without sacrificing quality. Here are places to go to.

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1. Bargain Jingles

Bargain sung jingle packages are those that were released for quite some time now. While dated, you get the same production value as those from packages released recently. has a library of jingle packages in the 1990s, great if you are a 90s or AC format station.

2. Internet-only Production Service

Look for companies that offer exclusive or mostly internet radio services. Their rates are specifically adjusted for the small scale stations, but you get a major-market production quality. offers sung jingles,  is a legend.

3. Hospital Radio or Nonprofit Stations Imaging Companies

There are no companies actually that offer exclusive services to hospital radio, but there are some that cater to these kinds of market. Internet radio stations might find jingle rates for Hospital Radio, College and Community Radio appealing. offers great services.

4. Local Radio Producers

A practical option. Have someone in your local FM stations voice and produce jingles for you.

5. Referrals

Ask someone who operates a streaming station about where to go for less expensive but great-sounding jingles.


To achieve the best-fitting sound for your station, you have to identify the kind of audio personality you want for your station. Do you want a young energetic sound or a warm and friendly, easy-listening style?

Internet radio indeed is a huge and growing industry, which translates to a big demand for voiceover, presenting and radio imaging. Whether you are a newbie or a pro in this field, your goal is not just to stand out but also to withstand competition. Internet radio has become competitive and while budget is still a constraint, you can still choose to go for cheap but quality jingles.


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