6 Best Music Features For Radio Stations

6 Music Features

Written by: Paul Hollins of BlueRevolution.com

Music-based features have been around forever, yet in some formats they have fallen out of favour in recent years. However when they are done properly,programmed effectively and delivered in a contemporary way, music features really can drive additional audience and revenue.

A music feature can tick so many boxes:Ÿ

  • Easy to create and don’t require any additional budget
  • Gives your presenters something to cross-promote on the station
  • Gives you a way of interacting with your audience
  • Gives your Sales Department another sponsor able opportunity

In this ‘6 Of The Best’ article, I’ve compiled some ideas for music features that I’ve come across over the years, together with a few new ideas of my own.

They are listed in no particular order, but I hope by taking a look through there may be one or two that jump out at you. If not then perhaps it will at least kick-start the ideas process, so you come with a few of your own.

Remember music features are a great way of generating additional revenue and they have the added benefit of giving your Sales Director something to smile about.

1. The (Top/High) Five At Drive
This can be something as simple as 5 songs-in-a-row or you could add the word ‘Top’ or ‘High’ to transform it into a chart-based feature.

2. The Top 10 From When?
The time-honoured ‘guess the year’ feature. For many years stations have run a Top 10 @ 10 type feature, so this is just a new take on an old favourite.

3. Under Cover
This could be used as a phoner for breakfast/morning drive. Play a cover version of a song and ask listeners to tell you who sang the original.

4. Hot Ones At One
A lunchtime (and/or overnight) feature where listeners can call in or text/email with their favourite song… aka their ‘Hot One’.

5. The Old Skool Run
A nice ‘n’ easy mechanic of playing a handful of oldies (old skool) tunes when parents would be taking their kids to school/doing the school run.

6. Facebook Favourite Three (or Four or Five)
Run a survey on Facebook asking your listeners to choose their favourite song from the list you post online. At the designated time, close the vote and play the songs in the order of popularity. Advertisers who ‘get’ Social Media will love this idea.

As I say, these really just are a handful of quick ideas to get you started. Creating a music feature that will fit your own station format and marketplace could be a great move. Let me know if you use any of these ideas and we’ll feature you in a future edition of the Radio e-Zine.

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