Radio Promo CD for only $10 Monthly


Promotional Music Service Prime Cuts is offering for a limited time, a discounted three-month trial offering for as low as $10 a month.

Get weekly promotional music CD (PrimeCuts Weekly), that contains the latest hit music on radio for only $20 a month or the PrimeCuts Monthly for only $10 a month.

All two services can be tried for 3 months. The offer is good from here on until June 30th, 2011. To avail of this service, go to the PrimeCuts site and send your details via email.

The PrimeCuts music service is great for radio stations who have just started operating or for established stations who wanted to upgrade their music library. What we love about PrimeCuts is that it gives you more information about the tracks you get.

Like for example the Intro or Post Time detail. Basically, it’s the length of time between the start of the music and the start of the vocals. A great guide for live talking DJs so as not to avoid being caught by the vocals.

It also gives you the type of ending. C for cold and F for fading, also a great feature especially if you are dong a live and manual play out broadcast.

Then it also gives you the BPM. Or beats per minute. No longer will you have to guess if a song will be a perfect segue.

Promotional music services such as PrimeCuts are used by radio stations, mobile and club DJs and other authorized businesses. Such service is not available for private or personal use and are not meant for resale.


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