DWTM’s Production Manager Carlo Jose Says Quit Radio School

DWTM FM Magic 89.9

If you want to be on the radio, stop learning radio in school. This was the advice of Carlo Jose, Production Manager at the famous Magic 89.9, DWTM FM of Quest Broadcasting Inc. during last month’s Kidlat Awards 2011.

I remember when I just 16, a budding DJ wannabe, who would do anything just to be heard on the radio. I did not know what was in radio, that I got hooked to it, sure it was about getting the hippest music and getting it first, the popularity and the chicks, but I did not realize that until I got IN radio.

Before my radio days, I was just a listener. I did not enjoy all the perks until my first boardwork.

So I believe being on radio is written in your DNA, you don’t go to school to be an announcer. And I remember this was also the very same thing that the late and former mentor of mine, Mr. Alex Sy of Times Broadcasting Network.

“Those who went to college to study radio are wasting their time”, he said.

Carlo Jose adds, “Every thing you’ve got to learn, you learn in radio”.

But don’t take this differently. If you are taking up a broadcast course, or Mass Communications, you may not opt to stop.

The idea is to get you self immersed in the industry. During summer, radio stations are opening DJ intern or junior jock positions, so grab the opportunity when there is.

Have a time to visit the studio of a radio station, so you can get the “feel”.

Or if you want, you can start your own radio show. With so many platforms available now, like Ustream.tv, you can start practicing those radio skills on your own.

But nothing beats having a mentor to guide you, contact your local station and ask for any intern positions they can offer. It is not that easy though. But it only requires persistence, talent and faith.

So if you are really thinking seriously about radio, DO radio.

Below is a video showing Carlo Jose (DWTM FM) and Willy Espinosa (Love Radio) during the Kidlat Awards 2011 held in Boracay last month.


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