Nina Launches New Album “Stay Alive”

Nina "Stay Alive"

Diamond Soul Siren NINA sizzles in her new album “STAY ALIVE” under Universal Records.

Listen to selected tracks from her album: 1. Dance 2. Staying Alive 3. However Much Love 4. Believe in the Dream 5. Laging Ikaw 6. Only With You 7. I Came To Dance 8. I Don’t Want To Fight 9. Starlight

FREE NINA “Dance” RINGBACK TONE. Just text UD276 & send to 2332 for GLOBE users and text FDNC & send 2728 for SMART.

NINA “Dance” RINGBACK TONE for SUN users. Text GetSong 6151845 to 2728. P15 for 15 days.

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Click to Play Audio Preview for Nina's New Album "Stay Alive"

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