Eevee Visits Jam 88.3, 103.5 Wow FM


Who would think that a band named after a manga character in a video game can command serious attention in the music industry?

Sony Music’s newest recording act, Eevee, has proved yet again that you don’t judge a book by its cover—let alone its Pokemon-inspired name.

Composed of Enzo Miguel Villegas (vocals, guitars), Paolo Segura (lead guitars, back up vocals), Jerrick Sy (bass) and Craig John Neniel (drums), this Davao-based group is yet to mark a year together, but they have already achieved things more seasoned bands can only dream of.

Formed in April last year after a series of referrals from common friends, Eevee were able to best 13 college bands from all over the country just months later at the prestigious Nescafe 3-in-1 Soundskool 2009.

“We learned about the contest when Nescafe gave away free coffee at school. We saw the poster and thought, ‘Why not?'” said Enzo.

The band recently made two radio station tour in Manila to promote their single Ang Sarap Maging Single.


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