RMN New Video-Jingle Campaign “Itatak Mo” Goes Viral

RMN - Itatak Mo

RMN, Radio Mindanao Network, known for its top notch radio imaging and production has edged out other radio news network in the country in terms of branding.

The network recently launched its latest nationwide brand campaign “Itatak Mo”, a derivative of the popular “Taktak Mo” novelty song by Joey De Leon popularized in the noontime show Eat Bulaga.

The jingle became an instant on air and online hit as in-house videos were published on YouTube. All AM Stations of RMN in the country have uploaded their versions on each their own YouTube channels. Each station were commissioned to produce a video based on the jingle, showcasing the local station’s administrative, the on air staff and locals as casts.

Although the lyrics and musical arrangements are the same, each station campaign is customized with its station logo.

RMN Zamboanga DXRZ reached more than 2,000 views on YouTube. Among other stations that have published their campaigns on line are DYRI Iloilo, RMN Cagayan De Oro, DXKR Kalibo, DYHP Cebu, RMN Gensan, DXBC, DYVR Roxas, DXDR Dipolog, DYHB Bacolod, and DXIC Iligan.

View more RMN Itatak Mo Jingle (Music Video) Here

iFM, the FM division of RMN, has also made  a string of successful brand campaigns from its “Ang FM mo iFM Ko” in the early 2000s, to the “Sa iFM, sigurading enjoy ka” artist-driven jingles today.

2 thoughts on “RMN New Video-Jingle Campaign “Itatak Mo” Goes Viral”

  1. It sounds masa, it being patterned to novelty song “Itaktak Mo.” But, since AM news stations primarily target the masses, this can be a great image promo for RMN stations. However, the “RMN: Radyo Mo Nationwide” jingle sounds a little bit better when it comes to prim and proper network identity campaign.


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