Zayn Malik of One Direction Radio Interview Goes Controversial

Zayn Malik

So this radio station in Canada Hot 89.9 FM scheduled an interview with One Direction’s Zayn Malik.

Well, of course, like most high profile interviews, interviewers are oriented by the handlers on what not and what is right to ask.

Then of course the radio host was like, “okay”.

And then he hears these insane demands from the handler. She gave the interviewer a list of questions that should not be asked.

Those 12 forbidden questions blew away the radio host. He eventually went on the with the interview but ended wrapping up right away since all his questions did not conform to the handler’s demands.

This went viral online but some speculate that this was just a radio stunt.

Top 12 Questions You Can’t Ask Zayn Malik, One Direction (Click Here)


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