Listen to Balut Radio; TV5 To Launch Pandora-Like Internet Radio

Balut Radio
Balut Radio

Earlier this month, TV5 announced that they newest venture into online media.

The website hopes to become TV5’s very own Part of the digital revolution of the company, they will also be launching Balut Radio.

This week, the station released teasers for the said internet radio service that hopes to launch in January 2013. Little is yet known about the service, but it is reported to offer OPM music streaming.

Although there are hints as well that this will be offering a cloud-based, personalized radio approach much like Pandora or Spotify.

There are rumors that this could be the Philippines’ version of iHeartRadio, an aggregate of FM radio stations streaming online, although the stations could be original ones produced by TV5.

Right now, you can access Balut Radio viaΒ, a portal that lets users sign up for updates.

Pandora-like or not, TV5 is determined to penetrate the online media.



Visit to tune in.


50 thoughts on “Listen to Balut Radio; TV5 To Launch Pandora-Like Internet Radio”

  1. i love music. at gusto ko makinig sa radio kesa manood ng tv. ngayon sa work ko balut radio agad ginagamit ko as radio. to select my radio station i wants.
    thank you tv5 for making this site.


  2. Well, its my first time to tune In and i can say that, this is very nice… Thanks for doing this, it’s like you are the DJ because you manage you music and the sound is very good….


  3. I really appreciate the creation of Balut Radio website, but hopefully in future versions the site would be more user friendly and less buggy. Cheers!


  4. It’s a 404 error. In js function saveRegistration, the page is trying to POST data to /balut/save_registration.php, but the correct URL should be /balutradio/save_registration.php

    Using the Javascript Console in Chrome, you can overwrite this function to use the correct URL and the registration will be successful ;P


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