Radio 1 Belgium Gets New Imaging From Brandy Jingles

English: Radio studio of WBNI , showing console
English: Radio studio of WBNI , showing console (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

06/03/2013 – In 2011 Brandy completely restyled Radio 1 with GLOBE, a huge audio branding package.

The said package features a recognizable sonic logo, 3 top of hours, 12 musical themes, morning and drive time beds and a full kit for news, weather and traffic.

In 2013 the package was extended with 5 new tracks, borrowing elements from new contemporary musical styles.

The new cuts work very well together with the existing package, yet bring some up-to-date color to the station.


Radio 1 is the Belgian public broadcaster’s information oriented radio channel.

The core of its programming is the news show in the morning and evening drive time. The station broadcasts an eclectic mix of current affairs, cultural news and a broad musical palette.

Brandy Jingles

BRANDY is a European media consulting agency specialized in brand and broadcast design, covering all aspects of brand development through both graphic and audio productions.

Our team consists of radio broadcasters, musicians, creative developers, producers and media communication consultants. Each one is an expert in his/her professional field. This guarantees powerful productions as well as a focused follow-up and tailor-made consultancy.


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