IQ Beats Resings Country X Factor for Country 92-5 WWYZ

Country X Factor
Country X Factor

Program Director Lance Tidwell and the team at Country 92-5 WWYZ in Connecticut Country have taken delivery of all 55 cuts from our innovative and kick-ass imaging tool for Country radio called Country X-Factor.

Not beds and not jingles, they are sung production vignettes that break all the rules and keep your station sounding fresh and now.  Slogans, dial positions, topicals, call letters… You name it.  We can sing and produce these six ways to Sunday with vocals that are tighter than two coats of paint.

Contact us to check market availability and get them while you can.  Follow the link above to hear all 55 cuts in the package as sung for KKWF 100.7 The Wolf in Seattle.



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