IQ Beats New Jingles for Cool Celsius 91.5


Cool Celsius in Bangkok, Thailand have launched with a complete set of Heart jingles from our Heart Network 3 package.  Their new license has them beaming international pop radio at this frequency for the first time and we are honored to help be part of their launch.

The 2012 Heart Network 3 jingle package consists of 12 sung music themes in bed, ramp, stager and shotgun form perfect for your Rhythmic AC playlist running the gamut from Bruno Mars to the Black Eyed Peas to Maroon 5 and back again across all points in between.

Also included with the package are a news and travel sequence with just the right edge to convey your serious points without feeling weighted down.

Have a listen to the montage below or stream the station ONLINE.

Cool Celsius – 2012 Heart Network 3


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