10 Criteria For A Strategical Program-Aircheck; How To Analyze On-Air Promotion Program elements

On Air
On Air

– by Yvonne Malak

On Air Promotion and On Air Marketing should influence our station-images positively. OAP in a presentation or in elements should be well-balanced and target-oriented, wisely inserted, transferred in an entertaining way and harmonize with each other. Jingles should be used strategically and of course music, jingles and drops have to be mixed as professionally as possible.

So much for the theory. The reality sometimes looks different.

In my opinion, it is an interesting experiment to exclusively analyze a broadcast under the aspect On Air Promotion/ On Air Marketing. This is why I have developed my 10-points-list for an OAP Aircheck.

1. Did the presenter use the elements wisely in a strategic way? Strategically balanced during a 30-minutes-segment and did it make sense in the particular position? Are the most important messages of the 30-minutes-segment mirrored within one hour?

2. Are the single elements target-oriented? Or do elements exist with too much information (“Info-Overkill”) so that in the end the listener doesn´t understand anything at all.

3. Is the importance of the messages in accordance with the presence on air? Is the number one message frequency higher than number two and three?

4. Are the same messages repeated too many times (in a row)?

5. Did the host prepare the show strategically? Did he or she think about, where the USPs can be placed best in his or her presentation? How about the messages? Are they used wisely or are they being presented without making sense at all? Are they well-balanced?

You can read all 10 tips here

Yvonne Malak

Yvonne Malak has been in radio for over 25 years. She coaches and mentors Program Directors and Air Talent all over Europe.
Contact: ym@my-radio.biz
During RDE14s in Dublin Yvonne Malak will talk about „The Power of On Air Promotion”. She will analyze three examples in order to show how you can improve your ratings, correct negative images and enhance the market position of “your” station with On Air Promotion.


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