Breaking on Radio: Ritchie D Horsie Passed Away at age 58

Ritchie D Horsie has passed away due to complications of the diseases he suffered from.

Ricardo Reyes, his real name has been battling diabetes for years. But doctors say the cause of death is brain stroke and failure of the kidney which is the result of his diabetes.

It was Bebeth Orteza a co-star of the comedian who announced his death.

Bebeth and Ritchie worked together on Iskul Bukol, a popular comedy TV show in the 70s, which also starred in Tito, Vic and Joey.

“He’d been in and out of the hospital; around the same time a year ago, I saw him in a wheelchair, waiting for Vic S at the foot of the Eat Bulaga hosts’ entrance—but still cheerful, I must say, or making an effort to pass off as cheerful,” – this was the statement of Bebeth Orteza.


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