Jam Sebastian’s Mom Maricar Speaks Up Versus Mich Liggayu

So on radio this weekend, the main topic of the hosts are on the mother of late YouTube star Jam, asking her share of his son’s properties and earnings of the Jamich project.

And so it explodes Mommy Maricar Sebastian, mother of the diseased Filipino YouTube star, Jam Sebastian, cries out loud her complaints as she can no longer contain her disappointment of Mich Liggayu’s actions following the death of his son.

So what is Mommy’s beef against Mich? Below is a summary of her statement:

1.) Maricar wishes to take hold of the belongings of his son Jam as she believes she has the right as a mother.

2.) Mommy wants an accounting of all the earnings of Jam and Mich as Jamich love team, something that the pair has made a living out of, especially on YouTube

3.) Mommy complains of Mich taking all the material belongings of his son at the place where Jam and Mich are living in together. She particularly sites the taking of airconditioning unit. Desktop PC was left but without the hard drive

4.) Mommy complains of Mich blocking Sebastian family members from accessing social media accounts particularly Facebook, Google page and YouTube where data about their earnings on the video publishing platform resides.

5.) Mommy Maricar reveals that Mich took Jam’s cellphone during his wake and cleared the logins which the mother finds disrespectful.

6.) Mommy also slams Mich for her romantic affairs with Neo which the mother as insensitivity during the time his ailing son needed her.

Below are some of the reactions on social media:

An open letter for you, Ms. Maricar Sebastian.

I know, you are a mother and for sure you love your sons.
I wasn’t a fan nor a hater of “Jamich” but I know them, and trust me when I saw Jam that he’s in critical condition I really prayed for miracle for him to get better. I respected you as well, because I know it hurts to lose a son especially being so young as Jam.

I’m 26 years old and I’m being open-minded about your situation. Okay, your son died and obviously you are sad. But after he died, things got out of proportion. Why all of a sudden, theres this gap between you and Mich? Then the interviews in TV. Making side comments that obviously people will think that something is wrong between you two. It’s making me think, is it about money? Is it about the guy that is being link to Mich?

Why not speak up? You’re saying you’re still mourning an all that, but still making a fuss about everything. Your facebook posts are like posts of a teenager who seeks for attention. For god sake, how old are you madam? Instead of fixing this issues in private and settle things with people you have issues with.. why posts some immature posts on your facebook? I know its your account, but this is just my opinion. I’m not siding anyone on this, but thumbs up for Mich for being quiet. But SHAME ON YOU, for lambasting people on your facebook while you can just do an interview on TV telling everything.

*gate crashers ONLY lelechonin take note!!! share this try lng kumalat kalat sa dadanan ko kukulong ko sa KURAR

*want’s MORE louder please i cant hear you oink oink oink

*you’re 1 and ONLY HUMAN PIG answered status

*dah alam mo ba ang meaning ng RESPETO aral aral din pag me time HUMAN PIG!!!

*Word for today OINK OINK OINK

So tell me, are these posts coming from a loving mother? Your son just died! Why not be mature about this? Do you realize what the mother of that person you’re calling a “PIG” feel?


Now I have this question I’m wondering you will answer? But I doubt it, buts its okay.

1. It’s normal for a guys mother to hate her sons girlfriend, yes its normal. But there are reasons, so whats yours?

2.For sure your son made money because of their team up JAMICH, why not be nice to her since she helped your son in that way?

3. Did you get paid for your TV interviews?

4. Where is Jam’s father? Howcome I don’t hear anything about him?

5. Are you ok with Mich’s family?

6. Who paid for Jam’s hospital expenses?

7. You seem pretty rich, where did you get your money? Do you have a family business? What was your occupation?

8. Where did all the “ABULOYS” go? Who received them? Did Mich get anything? She’s the better half, dont you think she should get some?

9. Why are you not speaking up and telling the truth but instead making a cheap statuses?

10. WERE you a good mother to Jam?

11. You think you are still a good mother to Jam right now?

PS. This is an open letter. Only for open-minded people.

– Lanvin Marco

Mark Aaron Eugenio said: A social climber indeed. Dont defend her die hard fans! That is Jam’s mom talking.


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