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Listen to Ana Ramsey on MOR 101.9 Manila

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Your weekend afternoons get better with Ana Ramsey on MOR 101.9!

O, taray! How much is iced tea diba? As part of the Team Kabog, he will be spit out of the laughter, as well as to sing!

Seriously, she’s been given pride to the country by being the Gold Medalist at the Euro Pop Festival held in Germany in 2014.

Still accepting people’s first single under Star Music entitled “Walang Tayo” na siya wrote too well.

Her second single, soon enough, is her full album. See? Award!

Oh, we’re together … “Yeah, well, we’re not …”

Join Ana Ramsey on MOR 101.9 in giving OPM a tribute to the MOR Pinoy Hits, Live! Program, every Saturday and Sunday at 2 PM to 5 PM !

Contact Ana Ramsey on MOR 101.9 Telephone number, Requests, Greetings, Dedications, Letter sending

(+632) 415-2272
(032) 422 1954
(02) 416 6300
(02) 924 2684

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