DJ Suzy of Magic89.9 Becomes Digital Influencer for McDo and Grab

Radio DJs are the first true influencers way before social media.

In fact radio is the first social media.

So tapping the services of radio personalities to be brand ambassadors is a no brainer.

Today DJ Suzy starts digital endorsement for GrabFood for McDonalds, a partnership between the Singapore-based ridr hailing app and the fast food chain.

The radio host had this to say on her timeline.

Ayoko na mag-host. I have found my true calling. 🛵
Uhm kaso lang wala akong sense of balance di ako marunong mag-bike. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Congratulations @grab_ph & @mcdo_ph on today’s contract signing for this deliciously convenient and super exciting partnership! 💚❤️💛
(📸: @rhonfame 🤗)


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