Google Assistant becomes the dominant smart assistant over Siri, Cortana, Bixby

Google is about to reach a new record, Google Assistant will be active on over a billion devices by the end of the month . The forecast was made by Mountain View itself during and the news was released during the CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

This incredible achievement could only be imagined at the launch of Google Assistant during 2016 . The Mountain View company has set itself the goal of creating an Artificial Intelligence able to help the user in all aspects. Whether it’s voice commands, searches or even jokes, Google Assistant is always present and available on Android devices and more. The initial roll-out provided compatibility only with a few selected devices, while now it is available already from the first activation of each device.

The advances of the assistant are evident and continuous while the development of Google Assistant proceeds sustainably. Suffice it to say that only a year ago there were about 400 million devices that supported it. To date, the assistant is present almost everywhere, on smartphones , smartwatch, passing through tablets, headphones and smart speakers. This is why it is not hard to believe Big G.’s prediction.

Obviously the impact of Google Assistant is much more marked than just devices . The estimates do not take into account the number of users who use the assistant that are certainly greater than one billion. We must in fact consider that there are devices that can work in multi-user mode, such as smart speakers. According to Mountain View, active users are 4 times higher than last year but there are no certain figures on which to base themselves.


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