The Role of Video in Podcasting and Radio

“To overcome this problem, we need to equip ourselves with a skill made according to specifications provided by Amazon, which will make it available only once the verification and validation process has been completed” , explains Massimo Rinaldi, engineer of the Radio TV 4.0 Area of Consultmedia (competence structure) multilevel linked to this periodical).

“Moreover, the” start “and” launch “keys made available by Amazon are a bit more intuitive than the” talk with “,” let me speak with “and” pass me “of Google ( as evidenced by the video demo that we report, ed )” , intervenes Francesca Santucci, Smart Speaker Developer of 22HBG , one of the first and most important Italian companies specialized in the development of radio-related skills and actions.

But there is another, perhaps even more important, the motivation that must push publishers to equip themselves with skills and action: the ability to provide its users with the very important podcasts, the most promising area of ​​advertising and radio publishing.

“Without skills and action, listening mediated by aggregators on smart speakers (when possible) is limited to live streaming”, emphasizes Rinaldi. ” As Consultmedia, the Radio-TV 4.0 work plan for the next two years is to investigate all aspects related to the use of smart speakers as radio receivers. There is a lot to work, also considering the fact that it is now clear that not only on the smart speakers, even on cars, but the preferential selection mode of radio stations within five years will also be almost exclusively vocal, ” continues the engineer.

” This means working on the positioning on the various platforms of streaming streams but – in several cases – also on the name of the stations (criticality already detected in the US, ed). It is not enough to be present more or less effective on all aggregators; you must be easy to find by users. In the last three years, we have determined the DTT landing of almost 50% of the visual radio present today. By 2022 we want to be able to say the same thing as the skill and action of Italian radios”, concludes Rinaldi.


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