More Listeners Are Now Tuned In to Radio via Smart Speakers vs Radio Sets

The latest study ” Ratings Prospects ” by Nuvoodoo , a company specializing in digital, market research, telemarketing and direct mail, has provided some interesting results in terms of both the use of radio and the impact on the medium. In the US, where the devices have grown, as from diffusion, from 30% in August 2017 to 43% in January 2019.

In essence, in the USA, smart speakers have now gone home FM / AM receivers (dropped at 40% ), ending up also affecting the traditional infrastructures via ether, as also evidenced by the radio giant iHeart.

The radio frequency of a second time (46%), is a tuning of the IP of an FM radio station, with a percentage of 39% (14% for the radio streaming in AM), followed by 34% by the use of the smart speaker as an agenda for appointments ( “set a reminder “). Streaming on demand (SOD) services for the delivery of music, although this is only 33% for Spotify and at 27% for Pandora and Amazon Music.

Streaming is basically the same as listening to radio stations and moreover, if we evaluate the use of all connected devices, but this is indicative of a virtuous cycle that is reporting radio listening in the past 10 years.

Also relevant is the use of “smart speakers for the use of podcasts” , which recorded an excellent 14% (” fast growing trend” ), close to the use of the intelligent loudspeaker for listening to news, which marks a good 17%.

However, there are still many difficulties encountered by users in identifying the favorite station on their smart speaker; to the question ” He had problems asking Alexa to tune in one of his favorite AM or FM stations “, as many as 46% have, unfortunately, answered positively.


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